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5X Playlist

  • Providing your DJ with the right music selection and how to build your perfect 5X Playlist!
    Our Recommendations:

    a) After completing your 5X Playlist, if you do have further suggestions please create a "suggestion list" rather than another actual "playlist". This will allow us the opportunity within the time allocated to read the crowd, use our experience and judge the moment. We normally ask that you place this within your event questionnaire, send it separately on a spreadsheet, email or Word document direct to

    b) The typical Wedding Reception/Party will consist of around just 65 - 75 songs in total including any background music (a lot less than many initially expect)...

    c) An effective playlist is a concise playlist. Your DJ will benefit from a list that contains songs that you will definitely dance too, rather than ideas and suggestions alone which can confuse what you are communicating and upset the natural rhythm and success of the entertainment.

    d) If you have guests attending from overseas why not build into your 5X or Event Questionnaire some international music! Quite often this will be the making of the night particularly if this accommodates a large proportion of the audience. Likewise, if you have many children attending you could potentially have a mini list for them to be played in the early stages of the evening.

    We make it our responsibility to create the ultimate party and this formula really helps us to achieve this. Of course it is your big day and this is just our professional recommendation.

  • Notes:

    At DJ2K we have designed the ultimate wedding playlist formula, which has been having a huge impact on the success of evening receptions all over the UK, it consists of 25 songs in total, as follows:

  • (Traditionally Father & Bride Dance) Please provide details if applicable, or type N/A
  • Add a new row
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  • Selecting an epic anthem to finish the night on is quite possibly the most important selection of all!

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